IT’s A TALK SHOW w/ Kerri gallagher

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Catch It’s A Talk Show every 3rd Sunday of the month at 11am at Sip Coffee and Beer House in Old Town Scottsdale (3617 N Goldwater Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251)


It’s A Talk Show w/ Kerri Gallagher is a LIVE monthly show – It’s A Talk Show kicks off with the Pop Comedy Panel, a panel of comics who comment on pop culture and current events.  The panel decides who’s HOT and NOT, attempts to guess news stories during the bit “Say What?!”, and the comics compete to win “Weirdest Text of the Week”.  It’s A Talk Show wraps up with an in-depth interview with an industry expert. Past interviewees include: Family Law Attorney, Addiction Medicine Doctor, Bioengineer and Social Justice Scholar, Pediatric Immunologist, Financial Planner, Sleep Doctor, etc.

It’s A Talk Show w/ Kerri Gallagher - 11am @ Sip Coffee and Beer House:

  • Sunday September 15th

  • Sunday October 20th

  • Sunday November 11th

  • Sunday December 15th

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