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Weekly podcast hosted by 33 year old Kerri, a local Phoenix-based comedian. Each onethirtysomething episode kicks off with Kerri's overview of current events and pop culture. The weekly segment #ThirtyStuff is a time for candid and honest feedback on workouts, products, and other stuff Kerri's is checking out. A different guest joins Kerri each week for an in depth conversation about their career. Guests are industry experts (Lawyers, Medical Professionals, Financial Advisors, etc) and answer listeners questions as well. Keep up with pop culture, current events, and learn about important topics.

New episodes available every Thursday - iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify - just look for onethirtysomething and follow @onethirtysomething on IG for all the details on upcoming guests!

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How it came to be….

The majority of my 20s were spent honing my career and navigating the dating world, leaving very little time for self-education in any other subject or industry. Now in my early thirties, I realized that there are important facets of life that I desire and, quite frankly, necessitate a deeper understanding. I’m talking about everything from tax preparation to determining what percentage of a 401K should be stocks versus bonds (what the heck is the difference between a stock and bond?!?!). When should I start a will/trust? Do I need to talk to my parents about their end of life care? Should I secure a mortgage with a local credit union? How much cash do I really need for a down payment? Should I tackle my student loan debt or invest in home? Should I freeze my eggs? How old is too old to get pregnant? These questions (and so many more) would run through my head and I needed to get them answered. That was when onethirtysomething was born.

I set out to create a podcast that would leave me (and the listeners) feeling more informed and educated. Each week features an interview with a different guest; all guests are experts from different industries with varied backgrounds. I encourage listeners to DM me questions for upcoming guests and send me suggestions for future guests. Episodes begin with my own commentary on current events and a weekly segment called #ThirtyStuff … an opportunity for me to share candid feedback on products, workouts, diets, etc. I hope that you give this one hour podcast a listen! onethirtysomething is available on iTunes, Sticher, Spotify, GooglePlay, and other podcast streaming services.